Tips For Keeping Your Prop Safe When Traveling


As an actor who has to go from one audition to the other, often times in different cities or states, it is essential to be able to set up a safe traveling routine. Being a naive traveler means letting your guard down, which is prone to lead to more or less serious issues, including being mugged or having your luggage stolen. If you have not yet bothered to worry about your things (your prop included) getting stolen so far, it is time you do something about it. The more expensive the electronics and items you will need to travel with, the bigger the loss you will have to cover later on. Plus, reaching a new audition for a role in a movie or TV series is prone to go downhill if you are not fully prepared for it. And losing your clothes and prop can easily lead to that.

How To Keep Your Prop Safe When Traveling

  • If you need to take a train and travel overnight, or you have to spend the night in a crowded hostel room or airport terminal, you will need to make sure that your money and important papers remain on you at all times. You can use a money belt for it, as chances are you will be able to feel if someone will try to reach down your pants while you are asleep.

  • You can pack along keyed laptop locks or laptop security cables and use them if you need to travel with your laptop or notepad on you. These cables are usually suitable for most types of digital devices that are fitted with a security slot, and are also long enough to enable you to still gain unrestrained access to your device while it is secured. These security cables also feature a dial combination lock that has been especially designed to secure the majority of notebooks, as well as LCDs and projectors. So if you need to pack these along, you can go ahead and do it with more peace of mind, knowing they are better protected against potential threats. If you are not sure which of the secuirty cables on the market to pack along, you can quickly find a locksmith quickly on and ask them to recommend the best portable security solutions you can pack on your trips.

  • Remember that your valuables need to remain on you at all times. Avoid putting them under the bus or allowing the taxi drivers to offer to place your bags in the trunk. Keep your bag on your lap at all times and keep different stashes of money and credit cards.

  • Use your bra or a secluded money belt for some of your cards and keep the rest of them hidden in a bag.

  • Use locks for your bakcpacks and make sure you lock them to something secure. You can opt for a slashproof backpack when you need to use public transportation.

  • You can also pack a portable door lock that can provide an extra layer of security from a locked door that can be opened with a key or jimmied open while you're inside the room. These portable door locks can be used together with the door’s built in locks.